Extra needed

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Readers might have noticed that the energy crisis has affected one particular product upon which the Weekly Worker depends: paper.

That means, of course, that what we have to pay to our printers is going to increase very soon and that we will need to raise more money. Which leaves us with two options: firstly, increase the cover price for punters on the streets, at bookshops and on demonstrations; and, secondly, raise our monthly fighting fund target, which currently stands at £2,000.

While our printers have informed us that what they charge will have to be upped, we have to negotiate by how much. But, whatever the outcome, I think it’s almost certain that, while raising the price of subscriptions is an option, very soon, I think, I’ll be asking you for more when it comes to the fighting fund.

Anyway, watch this space on all this. In the meantime, let’s make sure we reach the £2K target. At the moment we’re lagging a bit behind the going rate for October, since, after almost exactly two weeks, we’ve only raised £590. Of course, I’m expecting to receive a good few substantial standing orders in the third week of the month, but we still need readers and supporters who don’t have one to play their part.

Amongst those this week were MF, SB and RL, who each paid a magnificent £50 via PayPal (along with BH, who chipped in with a tenner). Then there were the standing orders already received in week two: thanks go to PB (£60!), NH (£30), GD, BO and DV (£25 each), and SM (£10). All in all, £335 came our way over the last seven days, but now we need to up our game.

Please do what you can!

Robbie Rix