Would the Weekly Worker by any other name still smell as sweet?

October’s fighting fund has been boosted by two substantial donations to the Weekly Worker - from GT (£120) and FO (£100). GT writes: “On occasions the paper disappoints …” - I’m sure it does; after all, no-one’s perfect - “… but these are outweighed by the times that it’s spot on!” He concludes: “Never a rose without a thorn, but many a thorn without a rose.”

Very poetic, comrade, and - more importantly - very generous too!

All the other donations bar one came in the shape of standing orders, totalling £125 - thank you, AD (£40), EW (£25), TB (£25), DW (£20) and AN (£10). The “bar one” was MD, who gave us a fiver via PayPal.

By the way, MD was one of the 1,324 online readers in the UK last week, according to our stats site. But, strangely, the UK comes second to the United States (1,445) in that regard - always allowing for the fact that these stats may not, as I pointed out last week, be entirely accurate, of course.

Anyway, the £345 we received over the last seven days takes the running total for the month to £739. But, don’t forget, we need £1,500, so we’re not quite halfway there yet, although we are halfway through the month. That means we could do with a few more like GT - comrades who are sometimes disappointed, but, more often than not, regard the Weekly Worker as a blossoming rose (with very few thorns). If you agree, then please feel free to contribute to the ongoing task of ensuring that our paper continues to come out each and every week.

Robbie Rix