Small windfall

Comrade EW decided to “share a small windfall” with the Weekly Worker to the tune of £50 at the very end of last year - but for some reason we only received his letter after last week’s paper went to press.

So it didn’t quite make it for December’s fighting fund, as he intended! But, of course, we hit our target last month, so that £50 will come in very handy for the first fund of 2018, which, as usual, is aiming for that same target of £1,750.

Another cheque for £20 came in from comrade JM, while DB clicked on our PayPal button to donate £7. He was the only one of our online readers to donate by that method last week, even though there were no less than 3,985 of them - in other words, around 1,000 higher than the usual readership over the recent period. They must have been making up for those two weeks when there was no Weekly Worker over the Christmas period!

But the biggest single donation was a standing order - a brilliant £280 from KB. Added to this were other SOs from MM (£75), DG and TR (£40 each) and RK (£10).

All that came to £522, taking our running total to £959. Meaning we’ve got exactly two weeks to raise the remaining £791. But after the successes of the last few months I’m absolutely confident that we’ll do it once more!