Show your face!

In stark contrast to last week, a rather meagre £387 was donated to the Weekly Worker fighting fund over the last seven days. That takes our running total up to £1,757 towards our £2,250 monthly target - in other words, we still need just under £500 in just six days.

Well, that’s a setback, but I know from past experience that we can still get there! Please do your best to help us out.

Over the last week there were just seven contributions to the fighting fund - all via bank transfer or standing order. What happened to the usual donors via PayPal, cash or cheque? Perhaps a few more of them will now show their face!

Anyway, our thanks go to those seven - especially comrades SK and PM, who both donated three-figure sums. Then there were DR and DG (£20 each), GD (£15), JL (£10) and TT (£6). But now, of course, we really need to up the ante and make sure we get the £493 we still need by Tuesday October 31.

As I say, that is more than possible and we could even pass right through that £2,250 barrier - and don’t forget, as I wrote last week, that comrade BK has offered to double any surplus we make, which makes it all the more important for us to do it.

I know there are lots of supporters who like to chip in, but haven’t done so for a few weeks, so, if you’re one of them, there’s no better time than right now! Please make sure the Weekly Worker gets what it needs to continue its vital role. We can do it!