Do your bit

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

It’s that time of the month again! Just £222 came in over the last week towards our July fighting fund - which means that the running total stands at only £689 towards our £2,000 target, with half the month already gone.

I say ‘that time of the month’, because the second week is when those monthly standing orders are very few and far between. In fact we only got one - £60 from comrade PB, which happens to be the first of her regular monthly payments. Apart from that, ML made two bank transfers totalling £37, while both MF and RL made their regular £50 PayPal donations, and US comrade PM came up with his usual £25. So just over £200 in a week, when we need to average almost £500 if we’re going to make that £2K target.

Of course, our outgoings are rather smaller while we’re not printing - although we’re doing our best to raise the cash required to upgrade our office equipment. Which is why we need to ensure we reach that target each and every month. In addition, as I’ve previously pointed out, we intend to resume printing as soon as it’s safe to do so, so those costs will soon be soaring up once again.

So let’s make sure we make that full £2,000 in the next fortnight. If that’s going to happen, we need more of our readers doing their bit. Can you help us get there? 

Robbie Rix