Most serious

Robbie Rix is seriously happy about an influx of donations

After last week’s excitement, when the running total for March’s fighting fund not only shot past the £1,750 monthly target, but smashed right through the £2,000 barrier as well, things have slowed down a bit over the last seven days. But despite that another £197 has come in, taking us to £2,219, with two days still to go!

Pride of place this week goes to comrade RG, who doubled his annual subscription payment, meaning that £60 is added to the total. As is his custom, RG didn’t write a covering letter, but I suspect he agrees with comrade LC, who donated £25 via PayPal. Her accompanying message reads: “This is for the most serious paper on the left. Keep up the good work!”

Another PayPal donor was KN (£10), although the two of them were the only ones among our 2,742 online readers last week to click on that button. But we did get five monthly standing order donations - JT’s £50 being the most generous. Thanks also to BB and GT (£15 each), DC (£12) and SS (£10).

So we look certain to end the month with a much needed extra £500 over and above our target. That’s good news, helping to ease a few of my more or less permanent worries in the fight not only to produce, but greatly improve the Weekly Worker. We need more pages, at least on an occasional basis in the shape of supplements, more colour features, and articles carrying analysis across a whole range of topics which we haven’t yet covered in depth.

But, most of all, we need to continue our ongoing campaign for Marxist unity around a principled political programme within a single democratic-centralist party. Your ongoing support is essential in that work.