On track

Over the last week £359 has been added to our March fighting fund, taking the running total for the month up to £940. That means we are on track for that £2,000 target, which we need to reach every month to produce the Weekly Worker.

The most generous donor this week was comrade SK, whose excellent £79 bank transfer landed in our account early in the week. Then we had three separate £50 donations made via PayPal - thank you, comrades TB, RL and MF, the last two of whom are now contributing that amount every month!

And, of course, we had the usual batch of standing orders, ranging from the tenners thrown in by JK and SM to the £30 from HN. Other contributors were LM (£15), DV and GD (£25 each). Added to which we had Hassan’s usual £10 note, handed to one of our comrades, plus the £5 that JB added to his subscription cheque.

So there are still 19 days left to make the £1,060 we now need. That’s definitely within reach, but there’s no room for complacency in this game! So please use any of the methods described above - bank transfer being easily the most efficient and speedy. Our sort code is 30-99-64 and the account number is 00744310.

As I say, I’m confident we’ll get there, but I’m relying on you, the readers, to make sure we do. Over to you! 

Robbie Rix