We’ll get there!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Our September fighting fund increased by exactly £400 over the last seven days, taking our running total up to £861. However, since more than half the month has now gone, we’re lagging some way behind the going rate, if we’re going to make that £2,000 target by the end of the month.

We received generous PayPal gifts from three regular donors: MF and RL, who each came up with their usual brilliant £50; and US comrade PM, who is continuing to donate his monthly £25 despite, I understand, a number of health issues. Get well soon, comrade!

There were also four standing orders, ranging from SP’s £5 to KB’s magnificent £170 - the other two were PB (£60) and TR (£40). But I don’t have any cheques or cash donations to report - Covid has certainly taken its toll, when it comes to those particular ways of chipping in.

And, unfortunately, as I stressed last week, the surge in daily Covid cases has also meant we can’t yet resume printing the Weekly Worker, which we’d hoped was going to happen this month. But, as I also said last week, let’s be patient - we’ll get there in the end!

And all those donors are certainly demonstrating some of that patience - whether they normally read the print or internet version of our paper. They know we’re going to get over this and are determined to play their part in helping us do that! l

Robbie Rix