Ups and downs

Robbie Rix looks at the past month

September really has been a month of ups and downs. Regular readers of this column will know that after the brilliant £890 that came in last week I felt confident that we would smash through our £1,750 monthly target despite the more than sluggish first couple of weeks.

After all, we had already reached £1,534 with 10 days still to go and I was even talking about clawing back most of the £634 deficit that had built up over the first eight months of the year.

But then what happens? It’s back to the doldrums, with only £182 coming in over the last week. It goes without saying that I’m grateful to the nine comrades who contributed to the fighting fund over the last seven days. Six of them were regulars with their monthly standing orders: JT (£50), BB, GT and WC (£15 each) DC (£12) and SS (£10). Added to which were the cheques form VM (£25) and RG (£10, added to her subscription).

Once again though, the PayPal donations were a bit on the low side. Despite 2,948 online readers last week, only one of them thought of clicking on that button - thank you, comrade MN, for your handy £30.

However, despite the disappointing week, our running total for September now stands at £1,716. In other words, we only need another £34 to see us over the line by Saturday September 30 - which, as I write, is just three days away.

Comrades, please help us cross that line - and, if you can, how about throwing in a bit extra to help us eat into that deficit? Please use our PayPal facility or - better still - make a bank transfer from your online account (sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310)l