Slow Second Week

Ask around to help us hit the target, recommends Robbie Rix

After breaking through the £2.000 barrier for the first time in March, and the first few days of April bringing in a welcome £342, the financial flow has slowed a little. The second week of the month brought £125 into the Weekly Worker bank account, including £30 from GG and £25 each from FK and GD, plus £20 (VV), £10 each from SM and AN, and £5 from AP. A further £27.20 in subscriptions came into our PayPal account from JS (£7.20) and £5 each from JJ, GH, MD and JG. That makes a total of £544.20 in 12 days, which puts our April target of £1,750 within reach. But with the paper playing such a pivotal role in exposing the hypocritical fake anti-Semitism smear campaign aimed at unseating Jeremy Corbyn, why not pull out the financial stops and make the two grand achieved in March the norm. That doesn’t only mean reaching into your own pocket - it means spreading the load wider. When did you last ask your workmates for a collection for the paper?