£179 needed in 24 hours

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

With only one day left for our September fighting fund, things are not looking too good. As things stand at the moment, our running total is £1,821, which means we still need another £179 in just 24 hours if we are going to reach our £2,000 target.

Over the last week a number of comrades came up with generous donations - thanks to GB and JC for their £50 bank transfers. Then there were monthly standing orders from JT (also £50), DG (£20), GT (£15) and OG, with his newly started £9 a month.

Meanwhile CB and DB chipped in via PayPal with their £50 regular payments, while comrade AR came up with his usual two fivers - one via PayPal, the other by standing order. And, talking of fivers, how could I fail to mention what now seems to be a weekly gift from comrade Hassan (another £5 note handed to a Weekly Worker comrade)?

Anyway, especially now that we’re printing again, with all the resulting costs, we could really do with that extra £179. And it’s far from impossible, of course. There are two ways you could help us get there: first by following the examples of comrades CB, DB and AR and clicking on the PayPal button on our website. And, secondly by taking your lead from comrades GB and JC and making a bank transfer. If you have an online account, then please make your payment to sort code 30-99-64, account number 00744310. Alternatively go to your local branch and give those details to the bank.

Yes, a single day to go is a short time, but it doesn’t need that many comrades to do their bit to make sure we get there! Please help us if you can.

Robbie Rix