Get clicking

A short month to make up a small deficit, so get on it says Robbie Rix

Disappointingly, we failed to reach our £1,750 target for January’s fighting fund after things had been looking so promising. Needing a further £376 to get there, we managed only £290 over the week, leaving us tantalisingly short at £1,664. That was despite the efforts of, in particular, BC and BK, with their valiant last-minute contributions. BC sent in a brilliant £100 cheque, while BK made a £50 bank transfer. Other donations were standing orders totalling £105, plus PayPal gifts from JR (£25) and MN (£10).

Well, the £86 shortfall isn’t the end of the world, but we could really do with making up the difference in February. Please do your best to help us out.

By the way, we are pretty convinced that the online readership figures we’ve been reporting in this column are grossly understated for various technical reasons. So for the moment I won’t be telling you how many people have been reading the web edition, but hopefully things will be sorted out pretty quickly!

Anyway, thanks once again for everyone who contributed to the fund in January - we can easily make up that £86 in February, even though it’s three days shorter. But we could really do with just a few more of those online readers clicking on that PayPal button.