Good news!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

I’m sure that a large number of comrades reading this will be delighted to hear the good news: yes, many of you will have guessed - we’re just about to resume printing!

It’s going to happen in exactly three weeks time, on June 3 - provided there’s no last-minute hitch, of course (unlikely, but you never know). As comrade TH told me this week, “I just can’t wait to get the Weekly Worker in my hands once more!” Just a little more patience is now required, comrade.

TH was one of those who clicked on our PayPal button over the last week and donated a handy £20. Another four comrades did the same - two of them regular (and generous) donors: namely MF and RL, who each came up with their usual £50 monthly payment. Brilliant! The other two were BH and MH, who both contributed a tenner.

The other source of income over the last seven days was, of course, those standing orders. Thanks go to comrade PB for her magnificent £60, while comrades NH (£30), GD and DV (£25 each), NR (£18) and SM (£10) also made their usual contributions. All that comes to an extra £358 towards our £2K monthly target.

The running total now stands at £594, but, to be honest, we’re lagging a bit behind where we ought to be with almost half the month gone. Can you help us reach that £2,000? At this particular time, we need it more than ever, for obvious reasons!

Robbie Rix