Help needed

Robbie Rix hopes to see increased eyeballs turning into increased donations

I remarked last week about the surge in online readers, and I’m pleased to say that this week’s figure remains quite a bit above average, at 3,566. But I’m afraid that hasn’t led to an increase in donations - in fact this week’s contributions to our fighting fund are the lowest I can remember for a long time, with only £102 coming in.

That takes our running total for June up to £594, but the bad news is we need £1,750 and almost half the month has gone. So now some sharp acceleration is called for in the second half of the month.

The main problem is that the last seven days have coincided exactly with the least productive part of the month in terms of the standing orders we receive - just two came in, from DV (£20) and RP (£5). No doubt next week will see something above average, but I’m not sure it’ll be enough to put us back on target.

So we could really do with a lot more comrades playing their part - comrades like SS, a reader in Canada who donated £25 this week. Other comrades who used our PayPal facility were JM, who added £10 to the new subscription she took out, DB (£7) and JP (£5). Finally we received two cheques - from KN (£20) and BS, who also added a tenner to his subscription.

But we definitely need a lot more like them stepping in to help. That’s where you come in. Please write us a cheque, click on our PayPal button or - best of all - make a transfer from your online bank account (sort code: 30-99-64; account number: 00744310) .