With a bang

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Just as I was checking for last-minute payments into our bank account, I saw a deposit made an hour or so earlier by comrade IB. It was for no less than £300 - now that’s what I call ending the week with a bang!

We haven’t received any message from the comrade, but I suspect he is a long-standing communist militant who has decided to show how much he values the Weekly Worker. You certainly did that, comrade!

And it goes without saying that this came as a fantastic booster to our November fighting fund, which had been lagging a bit behind - especially when you take into account the fact that the monthly target has just been increased in view of our increased costs. But this one payment actually exceeds that monthly increase, which is for £250. It means that, added to all the other donations this week, we now have in the kitty £1,259 towards our new £2,250 target. In other words, we’re now within £1K of where we need to be with just under a fortnight left to go.

Talking about the other contributions this week, there were a number of other bank transfers, not least of which was comrade KB’s magnificent £170. Then there were standing orders from MM (£75), PB (£60), TR (£40), GD (£15) and DL (£10). On top of which, RL (£50) and US comrade PM (£25) showed their appreciation by clicking on that PayPal button! Finally comrade Hassan handed a tenner to one of our comrades.

All that, added to IB’s donation, came to no less than £755 - if only we could raise that amount every week! But we still need £991 in just 13 days if we’re going to make that new target for the first time. Anyone fancy following the example of comrade IB?!

Robbie Rix