Three in a row?

I’m pleased to report that, with four days still remaining for the Weekly Worker fighting fund for March, we are edging very close to that monthly £2,250 target.

In fact the running total now stands at £2,095: in other words, we are just £155 short. That compares to the £261 received by the fund over the last seven days, which means we are clearly up with the going rate, and so I really hope we can break through that barrier once again.

The most generous donation of the past week was from comrade JC, who came up with his usual excellent £70, followed by comrade DB, who made his regular monthly £50 PayPal contribution. Then there were standing orders/bank transfers from GT (£35), JT (£25), SB and DG (£20 each), IS (£10) and TT (£6). Finally comrades PB (£20) and Hussein (£5) each handed a banknote to one of the Weekly Worker team.

So now let’s see if we can keep up the good work achieved in the first two months of 2024 - we were £141 over the target in January and £275 over in February. And I can’t stress enough how much we need that extra cash right now - not only did we fall short quite a few times in 2023, but now our costs are shooting up too.

But I’m really confident that we’re going to cross that line once again in March - I know how much we’re appreciated by so many of our readers. So please play your part by making a bank transfer or PayPal donation - go to the web address below, and help us make it three in a row!

Our bank account details are
name: Weekly Worker
sort code: 30-99-64
account number: 00744310

To make a donation or set up
a regular payment visit