Extra boost urgently needed

Robbie Rix needs you to make the shortest month a big success

Unfortunately, this last week has been just about the worst I can remember for our fighting fund. A mere £82 towards our £1,750 target was received to help us sustain, strengthen and improve the Weekly Worker

The main reason for this was not, I must stress, a falling away of our support. It was in large part the result of the unfortunate timing of the last seven days in relation to our regular standing order donations. It just so happens that there are only three of them over that particular seven-day period and they total just £15! But the good news is that next week I expect to report a total that is well above average - when it comes to standing orders, at least

The one substantial gift that came our way was a handy £50 cheque from SL, who writes: “Here’s to the best paper on the left! Keep up the good work.” Exactly the right sentiment, comrade! There were also a couple of PayPal donations - from FC (£10) and DB (£7), two out of our 2,894 online readers last week - taking our running total for February just over the £1,000 mark at £1,022

A big chunk of that came at the February 4 anti-Trump demonstration in London, when just over £500 was raised, of course. But the anti-Trump protests are double-edged. On the one hand, masses of people have taken to the streets because of Trump’s xenophobia, misogyny and all -round general bigotry. On the other hand, there is quite clearly an ongoing campaign from the top to get Trump. The CIA, FBI, US Democrats, CNN and a whole range of US corporations want to see Trump ousted, assassinated ... or just impeached. So presumably does John Bercow. Hence, the SWP’s Party Notes could not be more wrong. It says the ruling class is “worried about the level of protest” against Trump (February 13). Yet, from the point of view of the ruling class, the “level of protest” against Trump has been excellent. Ditto from our point of view

Nevertheless, I was hoping that the protests would give us a financial boost that would see us break right through that £1,750 barrier. Well, we can still do that, but only if the last 12 days of the month (there are only 28 of them in February, remember!) not only compensate for this last week, but see us soaring ahead

I never want to see another week like this last one again, and I know you won’t let it happen