Showing they care

Robbie Rix wants to know

As I write, there is still a day to go before the end of our November fighting fund, but already the total stands at £2,323 - a fantastic £573 over and above our £1,750 monthly target!

Pride of place this week goes to KD, who sent in a cheque for £100. She writes: “Just to show that I care!” You’ve well and truly proved it, comrade! There were also three standing orders - from JT (£50), GT (£15) and SS (£10), plus two £10 PayPal donations - thank you, MN and SF.

Well, November’s fighting fund total has well and truly exceeded the target - and wiped out the deficit for the whole year too! But, after a sudden surge in online readership last week (over 4,000), this week we’re back to a more normal-looking 3,142. Don’t ask me what pulled in all those extras last week, but one thing is for sure - there are more and more people like comrade KD who are showing their appreciation.

Anyway, let’s not quibble - we’ve had a fantastic month. I’ll let you know the final total for November next week. Then we’ll see if December will be just as successful. Let’s hope Christmas doesn’t mess things up!