So far, so good

Our readers and supporters will be pleased to hear that the good start to the Weekly Worker fighting fund for April that I reported a week ago has continued. In fact, whereas the first few days of the month produced £379 in donations, we received £479 in the last week - exactly £100 more!

So that means we now have £858 in the kitty towards our £2,250 target after 10 days. In other words, we’ve got rather more than a third of the way towards that target after exactly a third of the month!

The most generous contribution came from BK - the comrade who promised to match any monthly excess by exactly the same amount, up to a maximum of £500 in total! So, even though we were £6 short of £2,250 in March, he decided to contribute what was left of that £500 to boost our April fund. Because we had exceeded the target a few times since he made his initial commitment, there was only £84 remaining from that £500 - but he decided to top that up with an extra £16, taking his donation up to £100! What a man!

Anyway, there were quite a few other bank transfers or standing orders - thanks also to BB (£40, added to his annual subscription), FK (£39), BO (£35), CG and NH (£30 each), RG, DV and GD (each donating £25), JD and GD (£20), plus comrades IS, SM, LG and PM, who each chipped in with a tenner.

Then there was comrade MB, who added an extra £20 to his subscription cheque, and MH and GW (£10), as well as KA (£5), who each made their donations via PayPal, and finally comrade Hassan, who handed his usual fiver to one of our team.

All brilliant stuff - thanks to everyone! But now we really do need to maintain the pace for the rest of the month - please help us smash through that £2,250 barrier! Go to the web address below to check out the different ways you can help do that.

Our bank account details are
name: Weekly Worker
sort code: 30-99-64
account number: 00744310

To make a donation or set up
a regular payment visit