No bones

Our October fighting fund is back on track, thanks to some brilliant contributions in week three. First mention goes to regular donor JS, whose £80 bank transfer was labelled “fighting fund top-up”. Thanks a lot, comrade!

Then there were the substantial monthly standing orders from SK (£230), PM (£100), MM (£75), GB and TB (£50 each) and the more modest - but still very useful - PayPal gifts from CT (£20) and KC (£5). Finally comrade RD added a handy £20 to his subscription cheque, taking this week’s total to £630 and the running total for October to £1,529.

In other words, we now need £471 in eight days to reach that £2,000 monthly target, which is so necessary to ensure that the Weekly Worker continues to fulfil what comrade CT calls its “essential role”. He writes: “What other paper takes such pride in open debate among the left, while also making no bones about the answers?”

Well, we do our best, comrade, but we need to reach out to lots more people and increase our readership substantially. Yes, I know that the Weekly Worker is among the best-read left papers in Britain, especially in its international readership, but we can do a lot better. While the fact that we usually make our monthly target nowadays certainly means we will survive, we need to aim much higher.

Not that I’m complaining, of course. But if the thousands reading this who don’t yet contribute to our fighting fund started to do so, what a difference that would make in helping us to improve our quality, expand our base and begin to make a real difference. Any offers?

Robbie Rix