Help us get there

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

As is so often the case, the third week of the month has seen a tremendous boost for September’s fighting fund. In fact, over the last seven days our running total has almost doubled - from £792 to £1,512. Brilliant! That means we need another £488 to reach our £2,000 target in just over a week.

The main reason for the boost is those tremendous standing orders that always come our way in the third week - comrades SK, KB and PM all contributed their usual three-figure regular donations. On top of that we had MM’s £75, £50 from GB and £40 from TR. Then there was comrade JC, who made a last-minute £50 bank transfer and, of course, It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention the usual £5 note we got from comrade Hassan!

But strangely there were no PayPal donations this week nor any cheques - although I know of two comrades who say they have sent one. But for some reason they haven’t yet arrived. More problems with Royal Mail and the shortage of lorry drivers?

Anyway, I’m now very confident that we can meet that £2K target - provided, of course, more of our readers do their bit. When it comes to standing orders, the fourth week is way down, compared to the third! But why not click on that PayPal button on our website or - better still, as there’s no fee deducted - make a bank transfer to sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310.

Please help us out if you can.

Robbie Rix