Robbie Rix is glad someone is

According to comrade EW, the Weekly Worker’s “coverage of the Moshé Machover expulsion”, amongst other things, as well as our “non-sectarian approach to the history of the revolutionary working class movement”, demonstrate that we “publish the only serious Marxist weekly in this country”.

Well, I suppose it depends on how you define “serious” - certainly none of the others share our overriding aim of building a single Marxist party, containing all the best elements of the currently fragmented left and based on genuine democratic centralism.

But comrade EW himself is certainly serious - his £100 cheque proves it! By coincidence we also received the same amount from US reader AP. In his case it was added to his subscription - he is one of the few comrades on the other side of the Atlantic who gets his Weekly Worker delivered by airmail (but apparently it almost always arrives within a week!).

Not quite so fulsome were the PayPal donations of comrades TY (£20), JP (£10) and DB (£7) - they were among our 2,619 online readers last week, by the way. On top of that the regular standing order donations from DG (£40), FD (£30), DO (£20) and RP (£5) took our total for the week to £332, and our running total for November to £926.

So hopefully, with exactly half the month gone, we are on course to break through our £1,750 monthly target. But we are still £824 short, so there’s no room for complacency!