Contribute now!

Very bad news, I’m afraid. With, as I write, only one day left to reach our £2,250 target for November, the Weekly Worker fighting fund stands at just £1,809. In other words, we still need £416!

But, if enough of our supporters read this before midnight on Thursday November 30 and do the necessary, there’s still a chance (admittedly small) that we can get there. But that would mean using PayPal (see below for the web address) or making a bank transfer in double-quick time!

Let me stress once again how much we rely on our readers and supporters to keep this paper going. True, our production team is made up of voluntary, unpaid comrades, but our various expenses (not least printing costs) mean that the money received from subscriptions does not cover them.

Now I know that we do get a couple of standing orders on the last day of the month, but they alone will take us nowhere near where we need to be. So please, if you read this in time, click on that PayPal button!

The last week saw a meagre £246 come our way, despite some useful donations - not least comrade LM’s monthly £80 standing order. Then there was DB’s £50 PayPal contribution (made monthly too), while AC also paid £20 in that way. Then there were SOs/bank transfers from GT (£35), JT (£25), DG (£20) and TT (£6). Finally comrade AR made his two monthly £5 payments - one via PayPal and the other by standing order!

All those comrades are aware of the vital role the Weekly Worker plays in fighting for what the working class movement desperately needs - a single, democratic-centralist, Marxist party uniting all committed communists. Please make sure we can continue playing that role for as long as necessary!