Don't be shy

Give the Summer Offensive a fighting start, says Robbie Rix

Last weekend saw the launch of the CPGB’s annual Summer Offensive fundraising campaign and, as usual, the Weekly Worker’s fund drive will be part of that. However, all donations to our paper will, of course, be used only for that purpose.

From next week editor Peter Manson, in his capacity as a member of the CPGB’s Provisional Central Committee, will report on the Summer Offensive and I will only resume my weekly column after the completion of the SO at the end of August.

So how have we done so far, when it comes to the Weekly Worker’s fighting fund for June? Well, it’s obviously that time of the month, especially for standing orders. There were just four of them - Thanks to NH (£30), GD (£25), DV (£20) and SM (£10). There were also two PayPal donations - from SW (£30) and TT (£7). SW’s surprise gift comes on top of his monthly standing order for the same amount, by the way.

Finally we received two cheques from KC, whose £50 was the largest donation of the week, and RN, who added £20.

So, all in all, an extra £192 came in last week, taking the total raised for our paper so far in June to £634. But the second half of the month is usually the most productive and so I expect things to pick up from next week. That’s especially the case during the SO, when many Weekly Worker supporters reckon it’s the perfect time to come up with a one-off gift for their favourite paper.

Well, don’t be shy - make your bank transfer, click on our PayPal button or send in a cheque and I’m sure comrade Manson will be only too pleased to report on your generosity from next week!

Have a good summer - my next column will be in the first week of September!