£196 needed

With just three days to go before the end of our February fighting fund, we need another £196 to reach our monthly target of £2,000.

As usual, the largest proportion of the £580 received over the last week came in the shape of standing orders - just five comrades provided no less than £420 between them (thank you, SK, PM, DG, SS and GT). Then there was a one-off bank transfer from comrade JS, who writes that he was just “doing my bit”.

As for PayPal, US comrade and former subscriber EG donated an excellent £50, while, nearer to home, GS added £40 to his annual subscription cheque. Finally, comrade Hassan (a regular donor who doesn’t believe in the use of initials!) came up with his usual tenner, which he handed to one of our comrades.

Well, that £580 wasn’t bad, especially as there were so few comrades contributing, but now we need a few more to do the necessary by Saturday February 29. But that means using one of two methods - either PayPal (click on the button on our website) or (even better, because there’s no charge) follow the example of JS and make an online bank transfer (our account number is 00744310 and sort code is 30-99-64). But for that to reach us on time it has to be done by 5pm on Friday.

So, in effect, you need to make your contribution as soon as you read this, if we’re not going to end up with a deficit, however small. I know you can do it!

Robbie Rix