Help us out

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

The three most notable donations to this week’s fighting fund came, unusually, via PayPal. All three - from SB, RL and US comrade PM - were for £50.

But they weren’t the largest amounts. The prize for that goes to comrade PB, who donated her usual £60 monthly standing order. Other standing orders were from BO (£35), NH (£30), GD and DV (£25 each), SM and CC (£10), while comrade Hassan came up with his usual note (this time for £10) and MF donated a fiver.

That comes to £360 raised in the last seven days towards our £2,250 July target, taking the running total up to £919. That means we’re just a little behind the going rate, but, with 18 days still to go, as I write, I reckon we have a good chance of getting there.

That, of course, depends on you, our readers and supporters, upon whom we rely to make sure we get the cash we need not only to keep the Weekly Worker going, but to improve and expand its content and quality. If you want to help us out, you know what to do!

You can donate via PayPal, of course, or by bank transfer to ‘Weekly Worker’ (sort code 30-99-64, account number 00744310). And - yes - we still accept cheques! Please help if you can.

Robbie Rix