Play your part

Bad news, I’m afraid: with half of February already gone, we have only raised a total of £661 towards our £2,250 target - way behind where we ought to be this time of the month.

True, the second week of the month is always the least productive for us, when it comes to standing orders in particular. But, even allowing for that, the current running total is hugely disappointing - especially when you consider that our printing costs have shot up. (We’ve not yet come to any agreement with a permanent replacement following the fire at our previous printers.)

The disappointing amount received in the last week is particularly unusual, given that among the 11 contributors, three were from overseas - thanks very much, comrades PM (USA, £50), AM (Ireland, £42) and MZ (Italy, £10). Other donors via standing order, bank transfer or PayPal were RL (£50), HN (£30), DV (£25), LG, PM and CC (£10 each), while two readers handed a cash donation to one of our team - thanks also, comrades Hassan (£5) and PB (£10).

But all that came to just £252 over the last seven days, so now we really need to step on the accelerator. Can you help ensure that the only paper that fights for a principled, democratic party able to unite all Marxists can raise the money we need?

Send us a cheque, make a bank transfer or use PayPal to play your part. Please go to the web address below, where you’ll find all the details you need.

Our bank account details are
name: Weekly Worker
sort code: 30-99-64
account number: 00744310

To make a donation or set up
a regular payment visit