Time and work

What a way to make a paper...

Like many of our supporters, comrade OG has provided us with some advice as well as a donation (£20 added to her subscription).

She writes: “Before you start thinking about more pages and colour, would it not be a better idea to build up a bit of surplus against the times when the fund is a little short of its target?” Well, actually, when we went full colour on our front and back pages, that had the effect of drawing in more donations. True, we put up the fighting fund target, but comrades responded positively because they liked what they saw.

The trouble with the idea of a surplus is that we never seem to have very much of it! This month is a bit of an exception with that very large donation at the start of the month, but the money raised is always put to good use pretty quickly. And when we talk about extra pages we’re not thinking about going for a 16-pager every week right now. But that’s not really a question of money - it’s more to do with the extra regular time and work it would require.

Anyway, OG’s donation helped make up the total of £342 we received this week. Hers was the only cheque, but there were three PayPal contributions from among our 3,294 online readers - thank you, TB (£30), PM and JW (£5 each) - plus eight standing order contributions, varying from JM’s £10 to JT’s £75 and PM’s £100. Meanwhile, comrade TB, an overseas reader on a visit to the UK, handed a nice, crisp £10 to our editor.

So the total for October now stands at £2,736, with two days to go - yes, we are actually going to exceed our £1,750 target by a cool thousand! Look out for extra supplements and colour pages pretty soon!

Our pre-Christmas issue might be a good time for the next one, come to think of it.