Fighting fund

Do your best: Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly worker fighting fund

There are, as I write, six days remaining to reach our £2,000 monthly fighting fund target for June and we still need £627. Over the last week £495 came our way, taking our running total up to £1,373, so now we need quite a few generous donations if we’re going to get there. In other words, we’ll have to see a bit of an acceleration.

That £495 included three very handy £50 contributions - GB and JB made theirs via a bank transfer, while US comrade EG used PayPal. The rest was made up by standing orders - thanks in particular to comrades SK and PM for their usual three-figure monthly donations.

Talking of standing orders, comrade HG has said he’s going to add another tenner to his from next month. He writes: “I know you’re not spending so much, now you’re not printing the Weekly Worker, but I reckon you could do with building up something to fall back on!” My thoughts exactly - especially as we need to spend a bit on office equipment for when we do start printing again.

HG goes on to say why our paper means so much: “You’re the only one that says what we really need: a proper Communist Party instead of lots of little sects!” And he ends with: “Let’s hope you’ll be up and running again really soon.” Well, you won’t be disappointed. I think we will be printing again in August.

But, in the meantime, we need to make sure we make that £2,000 in June. So far this year we’ve managed to break through the £2K barrier every month except May, when we were £122 short. So the question is, can we now get back to winning ways? Please do your best to make sure we do.

Robbie Rix