What we expect

Robbie Rix always appreciates compliments from the readers

“A truly internationalist issue!” So says CN in the letter accompanying her £20 cheque. She was referring to last week’s Weekly Worker with its “excellent articles” on the USA, Greece, Italy and the Middle East. But that’s “what we’ve come to expect”, writes CN.

But despite those kind words - and my heartfelt appeal last week for the pace of donations to be stepped up in 2015 - we are already lagging behind in our efforts to raise £1,750 for January’s fighting fund. Two other contributions came in the post - a brilliant £60 from JH, plus £20 each from RD (added to his subscription). Then there were standing orders totalling £110 (thank you, DV, TB, AD, RP and DW), plus £21 received via PayPal from MD, SO and MP.

All that adds up to £231 and takes the total for the month to £604. But we are just shy of the halfway mark timewise, so we should have notched up something like £875 by now. I know when we get nearer the end of the month more comrades will weigh in, but think of my health - all this worry is doing me no good at all!

After all, as CN puts it, we all need to “do our bit” to make sure the standard is maintained. That relies not only on our hard-working volunteers who write for, edit, lay out and distribute the paper, but on our readers who make up the difference between what we get from sales and what we have to fork out.

We could do with a few more new donors in 2015!

Robbie Rix