Near miss

Unfortunately we didn’t quite make our £1,750 target for January. We missed it by … £1! On the last day of the month KC donated £25 via PayPal, added to which VP’s monthly standing order for £10 took us to £1,749. Talk about near misses!

Last week I wrongly stated that we still needed £61 - even though I correctly gave the running total as £1,714, which meant the actual deficit was £36. But JM, for one, took me at my word and posted a cheque for … £62 (no, I don’t know what the extra pound was for either). He wrote that he knew he had “missed the deadline”, but he hoped that “this helps”. It certainly does, comrade.

JM also explained why he thought it was so important to support the Weekly Worker, particularly in view of our “general stance on free speech” and other such questions. He particularly approved of editor Peter Manson’s “balanced statement” on Socialist Fight, which has been banned from two important London bookshops (Letters, January 31).

Anyway JM’s £62 helped get us off to a good start in February. In addition we received 14 standing orders - thanks in particular go to SW, AC and CG, who all donated £30, and to DL, who chipped in with £20. On top of that VR (£20) and BN (£5) clicked on that PayPal button, while DM added £10 to her subscription cheque.

So we start February with £305 in the kitty. But don’t forget that February is a short month - as I write, there are exactly three weeks and one day left to raise the remaining £1,445. (I think I’ve got my maths right this week!)

Robbie Rix