Records falling

Robbie Rix congratulates our readers, and thanks one in particular

Brilliant news! Over the last seven days we have raised what I believe is a record sum for our fighting fund in a single week. Readers and supporters have donated no less than £1,202!

Pride of place amongst them goes to comrade RG, who sent us a cheque for a hugely impressive, but strangely unusual, amount of £392 without a covering note (as is his wont, as one of the regular contributors to this fund). When editor Peter Manson emailed him to enquire what such a precise amount was for, he pointed out that it exactly matches the fighting fund deficit we have built up so far in 2017!

Well, thanks to that, plus an unusually large number of hefty standing orders, the total for November now stands at £2,128 - exactly £378 more than our £1,750 monthly target with over a week still to go. In other words, we’ve not only smashed right through that barrier, but are only £14 short of eliminating the deficit too!

And there’s more good news - this time in the shape of our online readership. Over the last seven days we had 4,029 readers - the first time we’ve exceeded 4,000 in well over a year. Amongst them were PayPal donors DC (£10) and LN (£5) - thanks to both. As for those standing order donors, there are too many to list, but a special mention is due to comrades KB, SK, PM, MM, TB and TR for their ultra-generous contributions.

Now let’s see what the last week of November will bring. A word of warning here: because of the Christmas break we frequently lose out when it comes to cheques in particular. So let’s make sure that we go into the final month of the year with a large surplus.