Not complaining

Give Robbie Rix an extra reason to be happy next week

Our May fighting fund has been boosted by an excellent contribution from comrade KB, who transferred a fantastic £280 to the Weekly Worker account. Apart from that there were four standing orders - from MM, with his usual generous £75, £40 from both DG and TR (DG seems to have increased his monthly payment without saying anything - not that I’m complaining!) and £5 from SP.

On top of that there were two PayPal donations - thanks to FM (£10) and DB (£7). They were among 2,729 online readers last week. But there were no cheque donations over the last seven days - the first time that’s happened for quite a long time.

I can’t complain though - that £280 from one comrade has done an awful lot to put us back on target. We need £1,750 each and every month and after April’s shortfall I was hoping May would produce something better. Well, the £457 that came in this week has taken our running total up to £1,021, which means we still need £729 in just under two weeks - plus an extra couple of hundred would do nicely to make up for April!

Please help us get there if you can.