Four days to go

Four days to go

Another good week for the fighting fund has seen us edge a little closer towards that £2,000 target for May. But, of course, there are only four days left to go, as I write, and we’re still £262 short.

Highlight of the week has been another brilliant donation from comrade SK - this time he came up with a magnificent bank transfer of £237! (I know he has a special formula to work out exactly how much he should donate, but don’t ask me what it is!)

Then there were two substantial gifts from comrades elsewhere in the European Union. First DB from Italy came up with his usual PayPal contribution of £50 - fantastic, comrade, thanks very much. He writes that he doesn’t “get the print issue, but I look forward to you being able to publish it again”. Hopefully that will be within a few months.

Then there was AM from Ireland, who also donated 50 - this time in euros! That translated into £44 following her bank transfer. And there were also five standing orders - thanks go to DG (£60), JT (£50), SS and GT (£15 each) and AR (£10). All that amounted to an extra £481 in the coffers over the last seven days, taking our running total for the month up to £1,738.

As I keep pointing out, not a single subscriber via PayPal or standing order has yet cancelled or suspended their regular payment - like DB they’re all just looking forward to the day when the Weekly Worker gets printed again.

Of course, what they’ve paid will go towards an extended subscription, unless they tell us otherwise - I have the feeling that some comrades will say we should count their payments over the pandemic period as a donation! But at the moment that’s all up in the air.

More immediate is our need to raise the remaining £262 by May 31. Can you help us?

Robbie Rix