Not complaining

irst things first. A big thank you to the three comrades who helped take us over our £1,750 fighting fund target for September - especially RK, who transferred a fantastic £100 straight into our bank account. Well done, comrade! Then there was IJ (£20) and SR (£10), who both clicked on our PayPal button with just a few hours to go before the end of the month!

So we ended September on £1,846 - not eating into the 2017 shortfall by quite as much as I’d hoped, but I’m hardly complaining about the extra £96. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Now for October. We benefited, of course, from the usual standing orders that come in at the very start of each month - they accounted for £272 this time. Deserving a special mention from among the 19 SO donors are SW, AC and CG (£30 each), FK (£25), plus DL and II (£20).Then we had two nice cheques from GR (£50) and ST, whose note accompanying his £20 contribution read: “Thanks for the brilliant reports from Brighton!” We do our best, comrade!

Finally comrades FG and FP used PayPal to donate £10 each - they were among the 3,193 online readers last week (no doubt many of them, like ST, were keen to read our coverage of the Labour conference).

So, all in all, that’s £362 in the coffers after only four days. But that’s a bit misleading, of course, because, as I’ve already said, we’re always a bit ‘top-heavy’, compared to later in the month. But let’s build on it and see if we can at least match September’s total.