Do your best

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Iwas hoping for a flood of donations this week to get us back on track for that £2,000 fighting fund target for November, but unfortunately only six comrades chipped in over the last seven days.

But the good news is, they were all pretty substantial. Top of the list is comrade SK with his brilliant £230 bank transfer, with PM (£100) and DG (£60) also coming in with monthly standing orders.

On top of that, comrades LC, MM (£50 each) and MM (£20) clicked on that PayPal button on our website, taking the amount received for the week up to £510.

However, the running total for the month stands at just £1,321, with only five days still to go. That means we really could do with that ‘flood’ (£679, to be precise), if we’re going to get there. But we need it by next Monday (November 30), so please use either PayPal (weeklyworker.co.uk/worker/donate) or bank transfer (sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310).

The Weekly Worker depends on our readers and supporters to keep coming out week after week with our central message: we need to build a single revolutionary party, uniting the entire Marxist left on a genuinely democratic-centralist basis - united, disciplined action, combined with open, public debate! Where else will you find that message?

Please do you best to ensure we get there.

Robbie Rix