Good news

We’ve already had a positive response to our appeal - sent out last week to Weekly Worker subscribers - to set up or increase their standing order payments. Three comrades replied promptly, each sending us a new SO authority, meaning that from now on we’ll receive an extra £40 per month - thanks to GH, LK and RG, who have pledged £20, £10 and £10 respectively.

For his part, JC has upped his quarterly payment by a tenner, but for now has donated £20 by bank transfer. Comrade JB also donated that amount by the same method. Then there were the existing monthly standing orders that came in over the last seven days - thanks to CG (£30), FK, DV and GD (£25 each) and SM (£10). Finally a big thank you to our comrades from Union of Turkish Progressives (UTWB), who made a bank transfer for a fantastic £300! That’s what I call solidarity!

All this is in response to our decision to increase our monthly fighting fund target from £1,750 to £2,000, which would take care of the recent extra costs we’ve incurred. This week we received an excellent £565, taking our running total to £825 after just 10 days. So we still need another £1,175 in just less than three weeks.

For readers who want to set up a standing order, but didn’t receive a form, not to worry - you can either use the one on the back page of every issue of the printed Weekly Worker or download it from our website (click on ‘Donate’). Or, of course, you can set up an SO yourself via your bank, either in person or online.

Watch this space for more good news.

Robbie Rix