Make amends

I’m afraid that the three days remaining in November following the publication of last week’s Weekly Worker were not enough to raise the extra £354 we needed to reach our monthly target of £2,000.

Despite the valiant efforts of VT, who paid us £50 by bank transfer, and of SN (£20) and BD (£10), who both used PayPal (as did AR, who came up with his usual fiver), our final total was only £1,731 - a shortfall of £269, which, of course, we could really do with making up in December. After the repeated successes of recent months, perhaps our readers have become a little complacent, but if we don’t make amends by breaking through the £2,000 barrier this month, that will leave us with a problem.

Of course, when it comes to December’s fund, in rolled the usual start-of-the-month batch of standing orders. There were 18 of them, ranging from the £50 from AC, £40 from EW and £30 from both ST and CG, to the single-figure contributions from the likes of DC, BG, PBS and PL - every little helps, comrades, so thanks to each one of you!

Those 18 SOs came to £302 and, on top of that, VC wrote us a brilliant £100 cheque - of which £40 was added to her £60 annual subscription. Finally, RT was another who clicked on that PayPal button to boost our December fighting fund by a further £25.

All of that means we already have £367 after just four days - but, of course, things always seem better because of those standing orders - which unfortunately do not come our way in such large numbers later on in the month (although some of the most generous ones do!).

But let’s not rely too much on those regular donors. There’s nothing stopping you making a one-off gift if you’re impressed by what we’re doing. Over to you, comrades!

Robbie Rix