Final issue

As this is the final issue of 2019, let me express my earnest hope that 2020 proves to be a good year - both for all our readers and supporters, and for the Weekly Worker too.

Though the odds are stacked against us - Boris Johnson’s majority government, the Labour right on the offensive, more anti-trade union legislation in the offing, threats of state investigations into leftwing publications and websites because of their supposed ‘anti-Semitism’ - we remain optimistic and determined to fight back.

The left can overcome the stupidity of the confessional sects, that or banking on the ‘next Labour government’; the trade unions can be rebuilt and democratised; a mass Communist Party can be built; the working class can come to power in Europe and beyond; capitalism can be positively superseded and climate catastrophe averted.

Ideas are key. So is honest debate. That is why we have the Weekly Worker and why we need your help meeting our £2,000 monthly target.

The last seven days proved to be very fertile territory, with £585 coming in, taking our running total up to £1,457. Almost all of that came in the shape of standing orders and bank transfers, including some really sizable ones.

First there was GB, who was not satisfied with his regular monthly donation of £50 and decided to throw in an extra £100! Thanks a lot, comrade. On top of that we had KB (£170), MM (£75), AN and JC (£50 each), TR (£40), SN and TB (£10 each) and MF (£5). Finally US comrade PM made his usual £25 monthly contribution to our fund using PayPal.

So we still need another £543 in just under two weeks. On top of that, let me remind readers that our November fighting fund ended with a deficit of £204, so we could really do with making that up too. There’s still time to send us a cheque, of course, but it’s quicker if you use PayPal via our website, if we’re going to make that total of £747. However, best of all is via bank transfer, as there’s no fee deducted (please pay to account number 00744310; sort code 30-99-64).

I look forward to reporting another success in the first issue of 2020 (January 9). Have a great break.

Robbie Rix