Moved to action

Robbie Rix senses a shift in the right direction, so keep going!

Quite a few comrades were clearly moved to action by my expressions of concern last week, it seems. For example, KN, referring to his PayPal donation of £25, writes: “I know it’s not much, but every little helps for the best paper on the left!”

It certainly does. And I have to say that £25 is a more than useful donation. But not quite as fulsome as the cheque from across the Atlantic from comrade AP. He added a fantastic £170 to his subscription, making a total of £300 for the privilege of receiving the Weekly Worker in Indiana for the next year. Meanwhile, there was another cheque from comrade RG, who, modest as usual, popped his £75 in an envelope without any covering note.

Another generous donor this week was comrade TR, who made two separate bank transfers totalling £80, while standing orders from MM (£75), TB (£50) and KB (£20), plus SU’s PayPal gift of £10, took the total received this week to a more than acceptable £505.

So the tally for our October fighting fund stands at £1,095 - quite an improvement on last week’s £590 - towards our £1,750 monthly target. Raising another £655 in 11 days seems eminently achievable.

And there’s more good news: last week the number of online readers went up for a fourth consecutive week to 3,396. What a pity more of them don’t click on that PayPal icon! Let’s hope a good few do just that over the next seven days.