Free expression

Robbie Rix looks for acceleration

“Thanks for providing us with some hard-hitting debate,” writes comrade CN in a letter accompanying his resubscription to the Weekly Worker. He was so impressed - not least with the “free expression encouraged on your letters pages” - that he threw in an extra £10.

By contrast, comrade FT declined to give us his thoughts. But sometimes action speak louder than words and his £50 cheque said it all. As did the £20 note handed to one of our comrades by PB - a regular donor and supporter. There was also a very useful £25 PayPal contribution from KC - but he was the only one out of 2,803 online readers to click on that button this week.

Finally 11 standing orders came our way over the last seven days - thanks go to CG (£30), GD and RK (£25 each), DV (£20), NR (£18), SWS (£15), LM (£12), DG, SM and RK (£10 each) and, last but not least, RP, who donated his regular fiver.

All that comes to £285, and takes our running total for May up to £564. But that’s a bit on the low side for this time of the month, considering we need to raise the usual £1,750 (I say ‘usual’, but last month we were £145 short). A bit of acceleration is called for, I think. Can you help?