On the cards

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

With four days to go to reach out £2,250 fighting fund target, we are just £115 short. That should be on the cards, I know you’re saying, but there’s one slight snag: the last two days of the month are on Saturday and Sunday, when nothing much comes our way.

In other words, there’s no time to lose. Please click on the PayPal button on our website or - better still - make a bank transfer. And do it Thursday or Friday, to make sure we get it before the end of July!

That’s exactly what Irish comrade AM did a couple of days ago. She transferred no less than €150 (£126), which we received immediately, while a range of others did the same thing from within Britain - either that or we got their monthly standing order. So thanks very much to JT (£50), DG (£20), GD, JR and GT (£15 each), OG (£14), JM (£10), DD (£8) and TT (£6). On top of that comrade DB made his usual monthly £50 donation via PayPal, while comrade Hassan handed a tenner to one of our comrades. So all that came to £339 over the last seven days, taking our running total up to £2,110.

I must also mention comrade LJ, who says a new standing order will be coming our way very soon. He writes: “It’s now five years since I started reading the Weekly Worker online, so I thought it’s about time I gave you a few quid for all your hard work.” As well as our own writers, Paul Demarty and Eddie Ford, he was also full of praise for regular overseas contributors Dan Lazare and Esen Uslu. He concludes: “You can’t be beaten for the quality of your reports, not to mention the debate you encourage.”

Thanks for those kind words, comrade. But now we need a few more readers to follow your example - especially if you can do so on Thursday or Friday! If you want to make a bank transfer, it’s Account name ‘Weekly Worker’, sort code 30-99-64, account number 00744310.

With your help we can do it! 

Robbie Rix