High note

Let's end January on target, says Robboe Rix

“Thanks very much for your coverage of the Labour Party witch-hunt,” was the comment from one of those attending the January 23 lobby of Labour’s national executive in London, as she handed over no less than £50 to a Weekly Worker comrade. “Put it towards your fighting fund.”

Of course, our support for groups like Labour Against the Witchhunt is one of the reasons this paper exists. We want the Labour left to defeat the attacks on it coming from the Blairite right as part of the fight to transform Labour into a party for the entire working class - one where communists can openly fight for their beliefs and principles. Which is why it is great to see how much we are appreciated by some Labour members.

The comrade’s £50 was added to the total of £395 that came our way in standing orders - thanks to SK, PM, TB, TH and PM. Then there were two handy donations via PayPal from TB (£60) and JN (£10). They were among 2,635 comrades who read us online last week, by the way.

But problems with mail delivery mean that I can’t thank any comrades who may have sent in a cheque or postal order, I’m afraid - but there’s always next week! In fact, as I write, there’s exactly a week to go before the end of our January fund, which right now stands at £1,374 - in other words, we need another £376 to reach our £1,750 target.

We ended 2017 on a high note and I hope we can start 2018 the way we mean to continue - by providing the necessary funding for the Weekly Worker each and every month!