Postage rise

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

With, as I write, just over half the month gone, we are almost exactly half the way to our £2,250 target for March. Quite encouraging, but only if a good few more comrades chip in - don’t forget that we have that £250 deficit from February to make up too!

Top of the list of Weekly Worker donors over the last seven days comes comrade KB with his fantastic £170. Brilliant! Another big hitter is comrade PB, with her monthly standing order of £60. Then there were the usual excellent £50 monthly payments from comrades MF and RL, who both transferred us the cash via PayPal. Mind you, MF points out that he’ll have to suspend those donations right now - but he’s hoping he’ll soon be in a position to resume them.

Other standing orders were from TR (£40), GS (£20), SS (£15) and JL (£7). Thanks to all, but in particular SS, whose £15 was his first monthly SO.

That means that the amount that came into our fighting fund over the last seven days was £412, taking our running total up to £1,109 for the month. As I say, that’s almost exactly halfway towards our £2,250 target, so we can definitely do it. But can we eat into the February deficit as well!

This matters, especially in view of the latest price hike that’s about to hit us. I’m talking about the increase in postage as from April 4. True, it only comes to 2p for each single copy of the paper we send out, but those extra pennies add up, when you’re talking about our subscribers.

So this month please help us reach not just £2,250, but £2,500. Anyone fancy a nice PayPal or bank transfer (‘Weekly Worker’, account number 00744310, sort code 30-99-64)? And you know what? - we still accept cheques! Please do what you can.

Robbie Rix