Striking distance

You can do it, says Robbie Rix

RC writes: “Thanks for your brilliant coverage of the Labour witch-hunt. This time McNicol will be forced to retreat!” Let’s hope so, comrade. And let’s also hope that others will show their appreciation of the Weekly Worker in the same way as you - thanks very much for that £25 cheque!

Another who used the same method of payment was comrade KN, who added £20 to his subscription, while regular PayPal donor DB contributed his usual £7. He was, however, the only one out of the 2,827 online readers of our paper last week to use that facility - maybe we should do something to make it more attractive, like surrounding it with beautiful colours …

But the most generous donor this week was comrade KB, who gave a remarkable £280. Others who made their usual standing order contributions were MM (£75), TB (£50), DG and TR (£40 each). They all helped boost our October fighting fund by a more than useful £537, taking our running total to £1,209.

Much better, comrades! We need £1,750 each month, so we are within striking distance. We’re looking for another £549 in just under a fortnight. You can do it!