Robbie Rix feels sure that this month's target will be hit

As I predicted, the extremely low amount that came in to our fighting fund last week has been compensated for this time around - no less than £780 was received in standing orders alone over the last seven days. Amongst them were generous regular donations from comrades TR, KB, MM, TB, PM and SK, which accounted for the bulk of that amount.

And then, unusually, there was more than £100 in the shape of PayPal donations - thanks to HJ (£50), JP (£30), VD (£20) and MP (£5) - but nothing at all through the post (cheque-writing is well past its heyday!). Never mind - as VD writes, referring to his PayPal gift, “The first thing I do on a Friday morning is log on to the Weekly Worker site” - and sometimes he clicks on that PayPal button obviously.

VD was one of exactly 3,500 online readers last week, but the majority of them are maybe not quite so appreciative. Or, if they are, they don’t translate that into cash for our fighting fund.

Anyway, the extra £885 that came in this week not only stands in sharp contrast to last week’s £102, but takes our running total up to £1,479. Which means we have just over a week to raise the extra £271 we need to match June’s £1,750 target. In contrast to last week, I’m now more than confident we can do it.l