Keep it up

Our March fighting fund has got off to an excellent start, thanks not only to the usual flurry of standing orders at the beginning of the month, but three brilliant cheques totalling £175 - thank you, RB (£100), KN (£50) and RT (£25 - added to his annual subscription).

As for those standing orders, there were 19 of them, ranging from £5 to £40. It is true that the largest SOs come in towards the end of the month, but in terms of numbers you can’t beat the first week! There were two for £40 (MS and EW), four for £30 (ST, SW, AC and CG), one for £25 (GD) and two for £20 (DL and TG).

As for those cheque-writers, RB says: “After reaching your target in February, I want to make sure you do the same in March!” Well, that £100 tells me you mean it, comrade! In addition there were two PayPal donations - the usual £15 from US comrade PM, plus £7 from KH, who is in Germany. That was his way of thanking us for sending him a back copy of the Weekly Worker, after he was particularly impressed by an article he read last year on the web. That definitely more than covered the postage, comrade!

Anyway, after exactly one week our running total stands at £559 - well above the average needed if we’re to reach our £1,750 target. However, as I’ve pointed out, the first week of every month is always the best. So let’s keep it up and make sure the remaining three and a half weeks are just as good!