And when Robbie Rix has worries...

Lots of Weekly Worker readers are continuing to feel the pinch. Take comrade RG, who writes: “I just wish I could help more, but times are hard!” But, despite facing redundancy, he still decided to write us a cheque for £50. That’s commitment for you.

I don’t know what FP’s financial situation is, but she was another one who sent us a cheque - this time for £20. Then there were PayPal donations from DS (£18), GH (£15) and BH (£10), plus the £20 note handed to the editor by JM at last Sunday’s London Communist Forum. And, last but not least, there was the usual batch of standing orders, this week totalling £120 - thanks to GD, SM, SWS, DV, AD and TR (the last named being one of those who recently answered our appeal for new SO donors).

All that came to £253, but I have to admit to being a little worried. Our May total now stands at £610, with almost half the month gone. Yet our target is £1,750 by the end of the month - that represents the extra we generally need to find every month over and above what we get from sales and subscriptions. So we now need to step up the pace.

If you haven’t yet contributed to our fighting fund, but would like to, there are plenty of easy ways to help us out. Apart from those already mentioned above, there is a very simple (and cost-free) one if you have an online bank account - make a transfer to the Weekly Worker using account number 00744310 and sort code 30-99-64.

Can you match RG’s commitment?