Society & Culture

Günter Grass and the German neurosis

19 Apr 2012

Maciej Zurowski looks at a literary scandal and the bourgeoisie's attempt to cope with its past

Don’t expect much

04 Jul 2024

Most voters did not vote. That might or might not change in the second round. But, says Yassamine Mather, whatever happens, the supreme leader will remain in charge

Nigel’s me too moment

04 Jul 2024

Reform UK attracts bigots like flies to shit. Meanwhile, the mainstream parties parade their anti-racist credentials and compete over who can be most beastly to migrants. The irony is not lost on Eddie Ford

Not about to be overthrown

27 Jun 2024

What will the presidential election mean when it comes to sanctions, corruption and the economic woes of the mass of the population? Yassamine Mather looks at the candidates and their rival factions

Free at last!

27 Jun 2024

He exposed US war crimes, dissed the global hegemon and faced life imprisonment. Sir Keir Starmer did nothing to help him. On the contrary, there was complicity with the Obama administration. Marcus Strom welcomes the release, but worries about the continued threat to free speech

New old popular frontism

20 Jun 2024

Marine Le Pen’s RN is predicted to make big gains, the centre is not holding and what passes for the left has cobbled together an electoral front. Bariş Graham looks at the possibilities of a cohabitation regime

We’ll always have Parris

13 Jun 2024

Sir Keir is now open to charges of dithering after Diane Abbott was allowed to stand, writes Eddie Ford. But the suggestion that he has ‘lost control’ over the Labour left is risible

Sir Keir’s sinister past

13 Jun 2024

Rightwing pundits have finally begun bringing up deep entryism and long-gone political affiliations to Pabloism. But Trot-baiting is unlikely to save Rishi Sunak, says Paul Demarty, he is a loser

Muddying the message

06 Jun 2024

In the end, Sir Keir bottled it and allowed Diane Abbott to stand, writes Eddie Ford. But will he have to pay a political price? Almost certainly, Sunak will exploit his dithering

Alice in Wonderland

30 May 2024

Record numbers have come over in small boats so far this year, while the Rwanda scheme seems like a dead duck. But, asks Eddie Ford, should the left support immigration controls, even if they are sugared as ‘non-racist’ immigration controls?

Rot runs deep

16 May 2024

‘Extreme protest groups’, such as Palestine Action and Just Stop Oil, are now under threat of an effective ban. But, writes, Eddie Ford, this is only the thin edge of the wedge

Breaking free of their mindset

16 May 2024

Mike Belbin reviews Percival Everett James, Mantle (panmacmillan.com) 2024, pp320, £20

Interview with an opportunist

09 May 2024

Sahra Wagenknecht offers no real alternative to global capital, argues Paul Demarty. But moralism is no response

Migrants as a means of diversion

09 May 2024

We must reject the scapegoating of asylum-seekers. Anne McShane looks at the facts and figures and issues a call for full citizenship rights and unity

Distracting from genocide

02 May 2024

In the midst of Israel’s war on Gaza the ‘official communist’ CPB has launched a series of seminars on anti-Semitism. The problem is that the narrative comes directly from Zionist sources. Tony Greenstein investigates

Further criminalising speech

18 Apr 2024

Tory opposition to the Scottish ‘hate crime’ act is about protecting their ‘traditional right’ to stir up hatred. Once it was Jews and Huguenots. Now it is illegal migrants, trans activists and marchers who oppose genocide in Gaza. But, asks Mike Macnair, what the hell is the SWP doing with its call for prosecutions?

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