Just a bit short

I’m sorry to say that we just failed to make our £2,250 fighting fund target for March - but, to be honest, we couldn’t have got much closer. Our total for the month was an incredible £2,242!

In the final three days a very useful £146 came our way - thanks go to comrades LM (£80), TK (£30), MD and VP (£10 each) and DC (£6), who all made their donations by bank transfer or standing order. Plus we got a fiver each from CH (PayPal) and comrade Hassan (cash).

So now let’s see if we can not only make up for that £8 deficit in March, but go shooting past the target in April. And, after just three days, things aren’t looking too bad. Of course, the start of the month is when quite a few standing orders land in the Weekly Worker account, and that has been the case in April too.

The most substantial was comrade AC, who came up with his usual £100, while MM transferred £31 and BK, II, MW and SJ each chipped in with £20. Then there was MD with £18, MT and BG (£15), TM (£13), MM (£11), as well as AN, CP, DI and YM, who all donated their usual tenner. One more SO came from comrade JS (£6), while MF topped things off with a more than useful £50 (PayPal).

All that means that we’ve already received £379, with exactly four weeks left to get the £1,871 we still need. Yes, we can do it all right, but I was optimistic last month too and we still fell just a bit short. So let’s make up for it in April - give your support to the only paper that fights for a single, democratic, Marxist party, uniting the advanced part of the working class into a force capable of bringing about system change.

We can do it!

Our bank account details are
name: Weekly Worker
sort code: 30-99-64
account number: 00744310

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